Corrugated cardboard: cheap, light and strong packaging material

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Why corrugated cardboard?


Corrugated cardboard is an inexpensive, light and strong packaging material. It is 100% recyclable, and a sustainable and natural product. Your packaged goods are optimally protected during storage and transport. Cardboard is hygienic, therefore, suitable for the food and pharmaceutical industry. Cardboard is easy to print and form.


Corrugated cardboard is available in single wall (B, C), double wall (BE, BC, AC) and triple wall (AAC). We offer you a wide range of compositions in Kraft, testliner or Wellenstof with a brown or white outer layer. Produced using the revolutionary Next Generation technology.

Corrugated cardboard packaging designs

Together with our R&D department, we are developing an innovative corrugated cardboard packaging design, both standard and customised.


72 hours Packaging service for corrugated cardboard. We guarantee delivery within 72 hours
for the following customised corrugated cardboard packaging: For small to medium orders from 500 to 5000 m2. Complete product range from single wall to triple wall cardboard. Price after one phone call – Model within 24 hours* – Delivery within 72 hours*
From simple to complex, punched and / or printed customised boxes. From small to large outer and transport packaging, the so-called secondary and tertiary packaging. Innovative packaging design by our very own R&D department and laboratory.

Standard Fefco types and specialities including octabins, pallet and kit boxes.

Packaging audit for the optimisation of your packaging needs.

Storage of your packaging and Just-In-Time deliveries, so you only have to maintain minimum stock.

Nextboard 2.0

Prowell as a strategic partner

The perfect efficiency within our partnership has been achieved!

Corrugated cardboard of excellent quality for sale. Through the collaboration with innovative partners, we guarantee the optimal quality of our products. The main partner of Europal is Prowell, part of the Progroup and supplier of corrugated cardboard. Along with the nine corrugated cardboard factories, the Progroup also produces their own raw materials with two paper mills. To optimise the transit between Europal Packaging and Prowell, an automated conveyor system was mounted on our shuttle vehicles, allowing for pallet-free deliveries with nearly zero loading / unloading times. We also installed an integrated computer system linking the Progroup and Europal Packaging.


"Reduce to the max" is the sustainability program of Europal Packaging.


As a company, we often discuss the development of sustainable packaging for our customers.
We see the environmentally-friendly production of these applications as the most important
foundation to fulfil our promise to the customer.
We proactively build a balanced policy, with a focus on people, the environment, and the


* Reducing climate impact
* Lower energy waste
* Energy production through natural energy sources (via solar panels, among others)
* Materials with a low environmental impact
* We respect the REACH-standards
* 100% recyclable end products
* Sensitisation and commitment of employees

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