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  • 16/05/2018
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Sustainability, also in your packaging

In the world of fast shopping, sustainability is becoming increasingly important. Not only for customers, but companies are also motivated to contribute their green share. It is after all rewarding to focus on eco-friendly solutions, from packaging to transport.

Sustainability is an umbrella term and it comprises many aspects, including an ecological, social and economic aspect. It means that a business chooses corporate social responsibility, where today’s customers’ needs are met, while also concentrating on people and planet.

Today’s customer also increasingly expects companies to invest in sustainability. And companies themselves are also finding that sustainability pays off. After all, companies that focus on sustainability will perform better in the long run than competitors that don’t.

Eco-friendly solutions, in the area of transport as well as packaging, offer many advantages, including a strong corporate image.

What makes packaging sustainable?

Choosing cardboard instead of plastic packaging already makes a huge difference. Cardboard is after all a natural product. Plus, it can be reused and after recycling it is again turned into paper and cardboard. A cardboard box can in fact be recycled up to ten times.

This is good for the environment and valued by your customer. A survey among consumers indicates that they worry about the environmental consequences of packaging. They consider paper and cardboard packaging eco-friendly and practical. 

Padding material can also be sustainable. Plastic air cushions -or worse- polystyrene, are being accepted less and less. Honeycomb or pellets made of cardboard (instead of plastic or wood) are an eco-friendly alternative. 

Cardboard filler material as an alternative to Styrofoam and plastic
Honeycomb is an environmentally friendly alternative to air cushion bags
Honeycomb cardboard is an ecological alternative as filler material

Sustainability and Europal Packaging

Europal Packaging finds sustainability extremely important. “We do this proactively, with a focus on people, planet and economy, where we take the initiative towards our customers. In turn, they integrate this in their own focus on sustainability, inside the company as well as towards their own customers”, says commercial director Valentine Dejager.

This is why the R&D department of Europal Packaging is always working on innovating packaging. “They search for designs that perfectly fit the customer’s needs. This way we never waste any raw materials”, says Dejager.

Good packaging is the last physical link between a brand and the consumer.

Europal Packaging works according to three rules

  1. We only process cardboard and paper supplied by suppliers who work with certified raw materials (FSC certification). This way we can ensure that the raw materials are obtained in a sustainable manner, with respect for the preservation of forests.

  2. Optimisation is the key to more efficiency. For instance, certain packaging can be reused, in some conditions and sectors this can be up to five times. We also combine our orders in such a way that the entire depth of production is used. This way we avoid unnecessary waste during the production process.

  3. With our biggest customers we focus on reducing the carbon footprint. We always work with jumbo trailers, where we stack up to the maximum height. This way we reduce the number of trips to supply the same amount of goods. At the end of the year the customer can clearly see how this has resulted in fewer trucks and less kilometres and CO2 emission.

In addition, we have been working with an external transport partner for several years. He supplies our goods and returns with his own return freight. We thus prevent these trucks from driving empty and make more efficient use of transport.

The right cardboard for your product

Cardboard packaging as an alternative to PVC and plastic

In most cases, cardboard is the alternative to plastic. The strength of our cardboard packaging is the wide range of qualities and the different types of cardboard. This enables us to offer a quality that is just strong enough for its purpose, so no raw materials are wasted and the best cost efficiency is reached. 

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