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  • 22/11/2018
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FSC: using natural raw materials sustainably

Treating natural raw materials consciously is also important in the packaging industry. This is why Europal Packaging is starting up FSC certification for corrugated packaging.

Ecological awareness is becoming increasingly important. We are being faced with climate and environmental issues in newspapers and television news, on social media, etc. but environmental awareness is also important in companies. Not only is it increasingly becoming a requirement of customers and the sector itself, but if companies make sustainability part of their own policy, they can really make a difference. 

An increasing number of companies are focusing on corporate social responsibility on a social, economic and ecological level. Environmental issues cannot be ignored in 2018.

One of the ways in which a company can focus ecology, is by aiming for FSC certification. 

What is FSC?

Awareness of the ecological aspect of managing a business means treating natural raw materials sustainably. The FSC label guarantees this.

FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council and aims for responsible forest management. Products with a FSC label were manufactured with wood and paper from responsibly managed forests and/or recycled material.  

FSC was established by the wood and paper sector, together with foresters, social movements and environmental organisations. The FSC label is also recognised worldwide and is the only one of its kind that is supported by environmental organisations such as Greenpeace and the WWF.

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What does a FSC label entail?

You don’t just get a FSC label. One has to meet stringent requirements and there is strict monitoring, of the extraction of the raw materials, but also of the finished product. 

Products that carry the label and companies that have the certification therefore actively contribute their share. These aren’t hollow words or vague promises, but an active step to make the production process greener.

Not only is this good news for the planet, but also for companies. Sustainability pays off. After all, one meets the customers’ expectations – who are increasingly demanding that companies pay attention to ecology – but companies that do exactly this, also perform better in the long run than competitors who don’t have an eye for the ecological aspect.

Label recyclage on cardboard

Europal Packaging and the environment

It’s also vital for the packaging industry to focus on ecology. 

Europal Packaging guides you in choosing ecological solutions and alternatives to replace plastic or Styrofoam packaging. Cardboard is more ecological in itself, and can also be reused. It can be recuperated are reused as cardboard or paper. Cardboard packaging is therefore sustainable and recyclable. 

New cardboard should also be handled carefully and forest reclamation needs to be done responsibly. This is why we can proudly say that Europal Packaging follows the FSC standards in 2019 for corrugated cardboard packaging. Running a business ecologically begins with treating earth’s natural raw materials consciously, but it goes far beyond this.

Europal Packaging has a whole range of options and qualities for frequently finding a suitable, recyclable alternative for -for instance- kraftliner, which faced major price increases in 2017 due to a lack of raw materials. 

Furthermore, we use for corrugated cardboard packaging cardboard and paper from suppliers who work with FSC certified raw materials. Europal Packaging also actively dedicates itself to reducing our carbon footprint. How Europal Packaging and sustainability go hand in hand, can be discovered here

Sustainability is not only relevant for our planet; it also benefits our products and customers. With a FSC certification for corrugated cardboard packaging, Europal Packaging can also meet your packaging needs in a truly sustainable way!  Want to find out more? Contact us without any obligations!