Europal Packaging builds ultra-modern vertically integrated factory in Doornik

The Moeskroen-based packaging company Europal is establishing a second site in Doornik in connection with its 20/25 strategic plan. The site will be located at the Blandain industrial zone.

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Duurzaam ondernemen met FSC en Europal Packaging

Ecologisch bewustzijn is belangrijk, ook als onderneming. Hoe wij onze groene stempel zetten in de verpakkingsindustrie ontdekt u hier.

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Gegarandeerde levertermijnen, logisch toch!

Europal Packaging levert kartonnen dozen op maat binnen 72 uur. Dat garanderen we u. Het hele jaar door kunt u op ons rekenen.

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In the picture: Europal kit Box

Deze eenvoudige en efficiënt te gebruiken kit bestaat uit een pallet, doos, huls en deksel. Een "all-in-one" constructieve verpakkingsoplossing.

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Duurzaamheid, ook in uw verpakkingen

Duurzaamheid wordt steeds belangrijker, van transport tot verpakking. Ontdek hoe Europal Packaging duurzame verpakkingen inzet en wat dat kan betekenen voor uw bedrijf.

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E-commerce in België, booming business!

Bezoek onze netstore met e-commerce assortiment

Producten van over de hele wereld binnen handbereik: e-commerce is booming business, ook in België. Kleine webshops kennen steeds meer succes. Hoe de juiste verpakking webwinkels een boost geeft, ontdekt u in deze blog.

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Fastest Boxmaker, and much more

Wij garanderen u productie & levering binnen de 72u voor golfkarton verpakkingen op maat.

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Uw logistiek? Onze expertise!

Op zoek naar meer efficiëntie? Zet logistiek slim in en optimaliseer zo uw werkprocessen.
Europal Logistics, lid van de D.I. Group, ondersteunt uw inbound supply chain vanuit Oostende, Dottenijs en Moeskroen.

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Europal comes up with an innovative cardboard party table.

Our products


We can offer a wide range of Fefco-types, from single to triple wall corrugated cardboard,
with specialities including octabins and heavy duty packaging. Cardboard boxes with
exceptional qualities: light, strong and inexpensive.


Honeypal is an excellent solution for today's transport packaging, as a buffer or surface
separator. Light in weight on the one hand, with a strong, shock absorbing carrying capacity
on the other. These are, undoubtedly, the most attractive features of the hexagonal honeycomb


Our Europal corner profiles offer an excellent solution for the transport of bulk packaging and
protection of palletised goods. The corner protectors are also available in standard and unique
XL sizes.


Europal Packaging is distinguished by unique XL package combinations. Customised boxes
with exceptional stability for stacking, always tailor-made. The all-in-one package design.


Cardboard pallets are made of 100% recycled paper, so they are not harmful to the
environment. Cardboard is not prone to mould, so treatment is not needed.


Europal Packaging offers a wide range of packaging for web shops, online sales and ecommerce
companies. You can contact us either for the standard ColomPac® range or for the
customised e-compackaging boxes.


  • Europal kit box

    Europal Packaging is distinguished by its unique XL packaging combinations, always
    made to measure.


    Thanks to the inner sleeve, extra strength is added.

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    This simple and efficient to use kit consists of a pallet, box, sleeve and lid.


    Delivered flat, quickly assembled without tools.

  • Beelite party table

    Do you have a party planned in the near future? Discover the Beelite Party Table made
    of honeycomb cardboard: light, strong and stable.


    The white version is already available through AVA Trends.

    cardboard packaging, cardboard boxes, packaging overview, cardboard boxes overview, customised boxes, customised packaging


    The cardboard party table is quick to assemble. Very easy to construct.


    The cardboard party tables can also be customised. One of our partners can assist you.


    Our E-commerce packaging is a fast, safe and professional packaging solution. With
    our packaging, you can be assured your customer will receive their online-ordered
    goods undamaged to their home.


    Europal Packaging offers a wide range of packaging for web shops, online sales, and
    e-Commerce companies.

    e-commerce packaging, cardboard boxes, flexible packaging, shipping boxes, shipping packaging, cardboard boxes for dispatch by post


    You can contact us for both the entire ColomPac® assortment and individual
    packaging solutions.


    Returns can, if necessary, be sent in the same box by means of a self-adhesive closure.
    In addition, your logistics process will save you time and money in due to the
    sophisticated designs, the self-adhesive closures, and variable filling heights.

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We always work with quality partners where a lasting relationship is central. We have exclusive partnerships with innovative companies with an eye for detail. This allows for beautiful co-creations that go much further. Do you buy cardboard boxes?