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  • 15/02/2018
  • Packaging

Give your goods the protection they deserve

Goods are sometimes quite challenged during transport. Even more in winter, when the cold requires extra protection.

Looking for tips to deliver your goods to your customers without any damage? Follow the guide!

Choose the right packaging

A cardboard box must be strong and of good quality. That is quite obvious. In addition, you also have to choose the right type of cardboard. Europal offers customized boxes in different thicknesses of corrugated cardboard, for different types of goods. Europal also has standard packaging within the e-commerce range. This way, we can meet your needs and you can meet those of your customer.

We also continuously invest in further optimization of our packaging. Together with our R&D department, we study and implement the best solutions in terms of raw materials, materials, dimensions, etc. That increases the sustainability and cost-efficiency for everyone in the supply chain.

To that end, we developed the following packaging, specifically made for packaging automotive parts and accessories.
Packaging optimization cardboard box

Our different types of corrugated cardboard meet the most stringent requirements regarding quality, service and environment. Whether you need to ship light or heavy goods, food, industrial or fragile products: our team of experts is ready to advise you. This way, your goods can be packaged and transported in optimal conditions.

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Protection from an unexpected corner

With cardboard corner profiles, your products are even better protected against impact, bending or cuts during transport. You also save on weight, transport volume, CO2 and waste. Europal works with an ECO 2.0 design. This offers even more protection and is both ecological and economical. 

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Provide buffers and covers

Boxes can travel many thousands of kilometres before they reach their destination. Prevent damage to products by using Honeypal honeycomb cardboard. That is a light and environmentally friendly material that offers the necessary protection and has a bearing capacity of up to 35,000 kg/sqm. Utterly suited for use as a buffer, cover plate, separator, insert, pallet, etc.

>> Discover the customized and standard applications of Honeypal.

Rely on a specialist

Finding the right packaging solution is quite a skill. We therefore advise you to always call upon a specialist. At Europal, our R&D department thinks with you and we go to any length to offer you the perfect transport solution. This allows us to develop innovative packaging designs together, both in default and customized sizes and materials. A question? We are happy to help you.