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  • 22/01/2018
  • Packaging

Order your packaging for Valentine's Day!

It's almost that time of the year: Valentines day is nearly here! The feast of love that tugs at the strings of everyone's heart, both young and old.

Valentine is the ideal opportunity for on-line shops to place their products in the spotlight, because everyone, young and old, is looking for a gift for his or her sweetheart. Is your theme page ready? Are the orders placed already? Perfect! But have you thought of special packaging yet? 

Because why shouldn't the party start with the packaging already? With theme packaging, you add just that extra bit of difference! Don't worry: our gift packaging is just as fast and cost effective as ever. A bonus!
Cardboard packaging E-commerce gift

Give your e-commerce packaging an extra loving touch and choose our gift packaging. We actually offer the above printing as standard. Given the large production demand, you should count on one week production time. So order your theme packs before the end of January. 

Euro boxes: our standard for a reason!

The ColomPac® Euro boxes. With prices starting at €0.30 each, and a range of benefits, such as a tack and tear off strip, this is a reliable and cost-efficient packaging with the fastest seal ever. 
  • 5 x faster than standard packaging
    The pop-up design and the strong adhesive strip makes adhesive tape unnecessary and speeds up your packaging process significantly. This will save you time and increases your shipping capacity.   
  • 28 different stackable sizes
    With 28 sizes adapted to the current postal dimensions, you can save in volume and optimize your postage. In addition, the sizes are perfectly combinable on Euro pallets or courier boxes.   
  • Available within 24 h 
    The standard sizes in stock are available within 24 hours. Ordered before 10 am, delivered tomorrow. Now that's convenience!
  • ColomPac® quality
    The extremely strong adhesive strip, customer-friendly tear off strip and design that handles smoothly without the risk of cuts, are all standard. In addition, all products are FSC certified, fully recyclable and environmentally friendly. 

Looking for something else? Check!

Did you know Europal also makes larger boxes in which to transport your goods? Discover our general range here.
Make it a heart warming Valentine's day, for your customers and for yourself of course!